The Next Thing That Happened Was a Mind​-​mangling Explosion of Noise and Light

by 8 Days of Nothing



8 Days of Nothing are Henrik, Daniel, Janne and Pär.

Recorded and mixed in Mental Studios by Don Demon and 8 Days of Nothing 980501-980502.

Released by Bates Records. Catalogue number: Bates 1.


released June 1, 1998

All songs and lyrics written by 8 Days of Nothing.



all rights reserved


Lukinzine Sweden

The idea of Lukinzine is to focus on bands and artists that aren't really well known to the broad masses, but also to shine a light on other parts of the music industry such as record labels, record stores, show organizers and more.

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Track Name: Fuck Freemasonry
The unholy triangle
I want to see the skulls
Show me the skulls
Fuck freemasonry

I Want to see the skulls
Show me the skulls
Track Name: Belltower
Meet me there by the detached belltower
Right there as usual
It's our place to meet
Right there, belltower
Track Name: Alte Mortem
Just like him I will
I will suffer
Just like her I will
I will die
Will the sun ever dazzle my eyes

Before the end, alte mortem
The end, this is the end
Before the end, alte mortem
My grave is the end
Alte mortem
Track Name: Leviticus 19:28?
"Nor print any marks upon you."
The cullings in my flesh
The ink on my body
Leviticus 19:28
I can't believe
I just can't believe
Track Name: Buster Busted In The Middle Of A Sentence
Silent just like you
Silent movie
Everything is not just black and white
Keaton if you only could tell me
Track Name: Garish
Fading colors, once so garish and strong
Fading colors, fading and soon they are gone
I know it's old, but I love the smell of rust and oil
Fading colors
Track Name: Creativity Killed By Laws And Morality
Creativity killed by laws and morality
Killed! Killed! Killed!

A scrawl on the wall
They'll beat you up if you fall

Creativity killed!
Creativity killed!
Creativity killed!
Creativity killed!

It's great to create
It's great to create
It's great to create
It's great to create